A handful of plugins caused a crash

Why am I getting all these crashes this morning?

I removed all the listed plugins and then reinstalled them, and then they crashed again.


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It’s an issue with the Vanilla module. Reinstalling that should fix things for now. We are preparing a new cutting-edge version that can handle such issues in modules without having to reinstall them.

Vanilla doesn’t want to come back after deinstalling :cry:

Same here. I can install Vanilla but not FontTools.

Both work for me. This may be an issue with GitHub right now, or something on our end. Try deleting the vanilla (or GlyphsPythonPlugin) folders in Glyphs’s application support folder (Script menu → Open Scripts Folder, then go into the Repositories folder). Then, relaunch Glyphs and install the module.

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This did the trick for me. Vielen Dank, Florian! :pray:

The new cutting-edge version is out.


Updated to cutting edge aaaaaand followed the workaround described previously. no improvement unfortunately. Edit: Italic Extremes works after deinstalling it via plugin manager and reinstalling it manually

Hi “Ignore” in this dialog and restart Glyphs. This should fixed itself.

The “last time” in the dialog refers to the time before updating Glyphs to the latest version, I assume. The plugins are fine, but they use Vanilla and Vanilla is in a bad state on your Mac.

Glyphs downloads extension (plugin/script/module) updates as the app runs. These extension updates are installed by Glyphs just before Glyphs is quit (⌘Q). This ensures that the extension files are not changed while Glyphs is running. The next time Glyphs launches, the new version of the extensions are used.

Glyphs was crashing every time I tried to open it, these days. I removed Word-O-Mat, Wordfinder and Show Guide Sheets and it’s working again now.

Update: not working. It’s crashing when I try to open a .glyphs file. :frowning:

Most of the plugin crashes disappear after reinstalling Vanilla and restarting Glyphs, except this one:

The plugin is my own, but this looks like an error in Vanilla, not the plugin.

But when I look at the Vanilla repo it hasn’t had a commit since Feb 19, so I’m confused as to why it’s suddenly broken today? It’s a palette plugin so I’ve been using it daily since Feb 19.

The whole plugin mess was caused by an update to vanilla. We use a fork of vanilla to prevent sudden changes impacting people. I needed to update to the latest version from the main repo as there where some needed fixes. That seems to have introduced changes that break your plugin. Sorry.

Ah ok that makes sense. Which commit was the schriftgestalt/vanilla repo on previous to this? I can’t find how to see that on Github.

Edit: looks like it was the 0.2.4 release of Vanilla. Found it through trial and error by installing previous versions via Terminal: pip install cocoa-vanilla==0.2.4