A ”learn” button?

I dont know if this is supercomplicated, but I would think this is a super feature.

Lets say you set kerning and/or spacing groups.

Those letters who normally is (almost) always used, like left O = C G Ö etc would save some time if they were prebuilt. Perhaps some people have different approaches to this so if there was a ”learn” button, where the user is telling Glyphs that ”this is something I always set the same” it would save a lot of time.

Basically set the group and then click ”Learn”. Next time I open Glyphs this will be prebuilt according to my setup.

Sorry for always comparing with FontLab but there you could have metrics classes which is basically the same problem solver. No need to set same things over and over again.

What do you think?

Georg put a script on GitHub that sets kerning groups automatically. I don’t know why this feature is not built-in, in contrast to similar features such as Set Anchors. You can also edit the defaults so there you have your personalizaion (not as elegant as a button, though).

Note that it only sets the groups for the selected glyphs so you can use it after adding composites, for example, without messing up changes you may have made.

I think it typically does a good job, some tweaks are unavoidable depending on the design of the font. I do not think a personal preset would come closer to what I need; most tweaks are necessary due to the different design of the fonts, not my personal working style.

I doubt this should be prebuilt every time you start a typeface. But this can be scripted. With multiple possible presets. Give me some time.

Btw you can already import another font’s kerning groups. Select the glyphs you want and go to Import > Kerning, pick a font and then choose to import the groups.

Thanks, great answers :slight_smile: