A ligature with period at front like .00


I’m at a point I wanted the .00 (period_zero_zero) shows some fancy ligature instead, like they got smaller than the figures in front of them, for the sake of beauty when the numbers appears like 153,304.00 USD

now i don’t know how to name my ligature because the ligature name might have to start with the period dot. (am i doing it wrong?)

the other workaround I had tried and succeeded by putting them in fractions by saying

script latn;
sub period zero zero by doublezero;

and created a doublezero custom glyph. Can I use this in the production font?

There are 10 glyphs which shows Thai figures from 0-9 (uni0E50-uni0E59) I had made it appeared into Arabic figures already, but when I tried the very same thing in fraction script it does not work.

script thai;
sub uni002 uni0E50 uni0E50 by doublezero; (neither this)
sub period zero zero by doublezero; (nor this)

What should I do or which document should I go and have a look?

Thank you

Ligature names are the names of the base glyphs connected by underscore: ‚period_zero_zero‘

Make sure you put it either in dlig (must be triggered by user) and/or you add an ignore statement that excludes cases where another figure or punctuation symbol follows. Otherwise the font will not work for other number format standards.