A little thank you


Hi guys,

I just wanted to say thank you for this excellent piece of software that is Glyphs!
So many times I thought: “Hey, this would be a cool feature request” just to find out in the forums, that this already works out of the box!

Keep up the good work!




Seconded. Glyphs is amazing.


I third that, adding to it that the support from Georg and Rainer is out of this world. I was making a variable font and a number of issues were occurring. The next week, all of them were mostly gone, so now, making a variable font is pretty simple, with no need for extra plugins, tools.

Good job!


I agree 100%!
You can be very proud not just of the software but also the support you give.
The talks with you two are also always so fun to watch. One can see you love what you do :slight_smile:
Thank you for everything!


I fully AGREE with your statement


I only post problems so I must look grumpy here, so I wanted to make sure you know how much I appreciate your work. Thanks Glyphs team for the fantastic ride you’ve given us so far. Your influence is easily observable; just type some obscure glyph on MyFonts tester and see how many of Glyphs’s .notdefs show up nowadays.
You guys rock :metal: (missing green skin tone modifier. Unicode guys are lazy.)


Glyphs is probably my favorite piece of software ever. I can’t imagine trying to design my Devanagari and Kannada fonts without it. Thanks, guys.


It’s impressive software for sure. Accessible for beginners, powerful enough for pros, constantly getting better and better. The app didn’t have to be as good as it is to beat the competition, so I especially appreciate that it is! Thanks!