A problem occurred while typing Kannada in the app

Hey, this showed up while typing Kannada in the app.

A problem occurred

Please help us to fix it by copying the following text and pasting it into a new post on https://forum.glyphsapp.com. Thanks!

text: ‘ಪ’ (__NSCFString), length: 1, string: ‘್{
}’ (NSConcreteAttributedString), length: 1, range: {2, 0}


NSMutableRLEArray insertObject:range:: Out of bounds

“3 Foundation 0x000000018d47e49c -[NSConcreteMutableAttributedString replaceCharactersInRange:withAttributedString:] + 220”,
“4 Glyphs 3 0x0000000100f91158 ZN7plcrash2MS5async35plcrash_async_dwarf_expression_evalIyxEE15plcrash_error_tP21plcrash_async_mobjectjPK26plcrash_async_thread_statePK25MSplcrash_async_byteorderyxyPT_mSD + 313360”,
“5 AppKit 0x000000018f0b0678 -[NSTextInputContext(NSInputContext_WithCompletion) insertText:replacementRange:completionHandler:] + 188”,
“6 AppKit 0x000000018f85d70c __55-[NSTextInputContext handleTSMEvent:completionHandler:]_block_invoke_2.373 + 120”,
“7 AppKit 0x000000018f0b05b0 -[NSTextInputContext do_HandleTSMEvent_insertFixLenTextLoop:whileCondition:dispatchWorkEach:afterEachInsertText:continuation:] + 164”,
“8 AppKit 0x000000018f0b040c -[NSTextInputContext tryHandleTSMEvent_insertFixLenText_withContext:dispatchCondition:setupForDispatch:nestedWorkaroundCondition:nestedWorkaroundDispatchWork:loopCondition:dispatchWorkEach:afterEachInsertText:continuation:] + 380”,
“9 AppKit 0x000000018f85d0c4 __55-[NSTextInputContext handleTSMEvent:completionHandler:]_block_invoke.318 + 2928”

I’m basically unable to type ಪ್ರಾ in the app. (Or even ಪಾ.) Not sure what the issue is.

Can you explain how I could recreate this? What keyboard layout do you use and what keys do you press? Can you copy paste that string into the edit view? Could you send me the .glyphs file?

What version of Glyphs and macOS do you have?

Hi Georg, please let me know the E-mail ID to which I can send the file over.
I will include all the requested specs in the email, as well some screenshots of the issue.

support at this domain (glyphsapp com)