A problem with newest version

I installed the newest version today and discovered a small issue with an original file from the previous vesting.
ALL my glyphs ended up with the same info as shown below including all groupings. This created a big problem with a font I am working on where the kerning is an important part of the overall concept. As it happen I was able to retrieve a previous version . I don’t know if this is just me or an issue with the new download.
Glyphs dialouge
This Should have shown as All cap A’s all my dialogue boxes have the same info, no exceptions.

Can you send a screenshot of the full edit view and the file (hopefully a version before you opened it in the latest version.

Hi Georg. Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately I can’t send you the file because i’m having trouble with my backup and can’t access the file today. I happen to retrieve a version from yesterday before all hell broke loose and I’m in the process of altering.
I will try again to retrieve the file ASAP. Many Thanks .