A separate mark for the Cyrillic breve


The Cyrillic breve differs in shape from the Latin one (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Breve). Confusing the two is a typical mistake of a designer for whom the Cyrillic script is foreign. Having only “breve” under “Mark/Spacing” (and the corresponding implicit association with Cyrillic glyphs in GlyphData.xml) leaves the impression that one can stick this breve to any letter regardless of the actual script.

Would not it make sense to introduce a separate mark for the Cyrillic breve?

Thank you!


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This is already implemented. Simply call it breve-cy.

mekkablue, yes, I actually tried that, and it didn’t work. I’ve just looked through GlyphsData.xml, and I think there is a typo there. Compare the definition of Iishort-cy and iishort-cy. They use different breves. After fixing iishort-cy (to use “breve-cy,” not “breve”), it seems to be doing the right thing when I click “Make Component Glyph.”

Even if GlyphsData.xml gets fixed, “breve-cy” is still missing in that little list that pops up when one right-clicks “Mark / Spacing.” So people are unlikely to discover that they should use a different kind of breve for the Cyrillic script.


you are right, it was missing at the iishort-cy. I fixed that and added it to the sidebar.

I am reopening this bc it didnt recognise the anchors _top / top for the Iishort-cy breve-cy. Any ideas if this is a bug or its just me? thanks

Try using brevecomb-cy instead.

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Yes, I am using brevecomb-cy… also, the problem is that I cant add the anchor top to lishort-cy, have to do it manually (copy paste the anchor)

The top anchor should be on Ii-cy. Then you can make Iishort-cy from components Ii-cy and brevecomb-cy. If those two glyphs already exist, you can remake the Iishort-cy glyph using the menu Glyph > Make Component Glyph (Shift-Opt-Cmd-C) with Iishort-cy selected. Note that will glyph will be deleted and rebuilt with that command.

Hope that makes sense and helps.

Ah, yeah, I undersntad. The issue here is that the font I am working on is a kind of hand-written and the Ii and Iishort are same but different outline. Is there any solution for this? Maybe just align the brevecomp manually :slight_smile:

If you have different outlines, you don’t need anchors. Because the only work for glyphs made from components.