A variable font with two axes (one virtual) with the same Masters

In my variable font, I want to have two separate adjusters for weight values. The first for the normal weight from light to bold and a second one for “fine tuning” the current value (adjusting for negative setting, etc.) Could that be done without creating a real Master? And How?

Can you explain in a bit more detail what you are trying to do?

Sounds like a wght plus a GRAD (Grade) axis. Grade is like fine-tuning the weight a bit without changing the widths. There is an experimental script called Add Grade in the mekkablue scripts.

I think, thats it. One axis for wght and one for fine-tuning the current weight with a small amount. ( eg ± 5%)

So, this is not possible without creating new Masters? I thought of something like a virtual masters, as the needed information is already existent.

Not sure why you need to “fine tuning”. The Grade axis would have the benefit to be able to change the wight slightly but without changing the width of the glyphs. But that for sure needs new masters. They can be computed with a script from the wight masters, but need to be present in the font.