A way to Copy-Paste multiple Glyphs from one file to another


Try the copy ‘All Data’ option.


how do i do this?
do you mean the ‘paste special > all data’ ?
this is exactly what i did…
i copied the glyphs and when the paste special window appears i marked “glyphs with same name” + “all data”…


Please read the Multiple Master tutorials.

In short, a glyph in a multiple master setup consists of multiple layers, at least one per master, in a specific order. Now if you copy the whole glyph, the order of layers will be kept. First master will be first master, second master will be second, and so on. If you want to copy a layer to a different master, you need to make sure you only copy the layer, not the whole glyph.


ok now it make sense, but still… can’t make it.
because i copied the glyph from one file with only one master, to another file with 6 masters, and i wish to copy from regular layer, to Bold layer.
i read this tutorial… cant find the solution there
can you please explain technically how can i copy a multiple glyphs in a way that it would work? if there a simple way to do so and i wouldn’t be needed to copy each glyph at a time

  1. Switch to font view (cmd-opt-1)
  2. Switch to regular master
  3. Select and copy the glyph(s)
  4. Switch to the font and master you want to paste in.
  5. Press cmd-Opt-V for paste special.
  6. Choose same name and active layer options. Confirm dialog.


Thank you!
it works now… needed to mark the ‘active layer’ in the paste special dialogue…

one last question for this topic, if i may,
is there an option to copy instances glyphs? i mean to copy them without generate a separate file (this is what i did so far, used the ‘generate instances’)


You can add a layer (or select a master) and choose Re-interpolate from the gear menu in the Layers palette.