Ability to "lock" brace layers to their coordinates?

IMO it would be great if intermediate master layers that are only created to make the design space complete (i.e., are totally interpolated) could be “locked” as always interpolated - keeping metrics etc in sync, never needing to remember to re-interpolate the layer or have to remember which brace layers are there to actually do something vs. there for the design space

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A similar requests came up here and there. But it is a bit difficult to implement this. I’ll see what I can do.

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yeah, I can imagine the hard part is keeping it in sync when other layers that affect it change

there is a low-tech version of this request, would be the ability to change the color of a brace layer in the layer panel, or really any kind of flag to differentiate it. then, at least I would be able to remember, by color or whatever, which brace layers are only there to fill in the design space. could script it for exports too (if layer.color == red, layer.reinterpolate)

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You already can assign layer colors. Right click in edit view, press the Option key and click a color.

oh, nice, I had no idea. that is a fine workaround for the (still desirable if possible) behavior in the original post. thanks georg