About Script deck

after installation, it’s shown under “windows” only, i can not see any panel. but if i click on it,Glyphs crashes. Anything wrong?
How to use it? thanks.

Can you check the Macro window if there are any error messages?

nothing, just closed immediately.

What version of Glyphs and MacOS do you have?

Script Deck won’t show anything to the Macro Panel (it is written in Objective-C).

But in order to help you, I’d like to know the Glyphs build and Mac OS version of yours.

Also usually it should be invoked with a shortcut. I recommend ctrl+space (details about setting shortcuts are also explained here and in the manual PDF)

Glyphs 3251
Mac High Sierra 10.13.6

I’ll dm you for further help.

I pushed an update that makes Script Deck also work for Mac OS 10.13
(Waiting for response if that fixed it)