About the Height and Width values of Smart Component

Hi, everyone

I am using smart component to create a Chinese font, but I am troubled by adding layers ,height and width value setting character by character.
Is there a faster way (or plug-in) that can help me deal with hundreds of repetitive tasks?


You mean you like to set up hundreds of smart component glyphs?
I don’t know of a script like this.

Yes, set up hundreds of smart component glyphs.

Or, is there a script that can add layers to a glyph and use them to set up the Height and Width properties for smart component ​​in one click?
This also speeds up my workflow.

There was a plugin (looks like it’s not in plugin manager anymore) called LT-Component-Manager by Leedotype. I tried to install it (also needs LT Toolkit Manager) but it wasn’t working. After contacting the engineer last year, they said that the plugin wasn’t ready for public release. Maybe it’s getting close now?

I’ll have a look at a script that could help with that.
Until then, duplicate an existing smart glyph instead of setting on up from scratch. So you have all the layers and setup already. You only need to replace the outlines and the glyph name. This might even be more useful if you have like to replicate a more complicated axes/layer setup.

It seems that the plugin is to modify values instead of creating properties.
Looking forward to its completion, maybe it can also speed up my process. In other progresses.

Thank you for your attention and suggestions. I will try plan B and wait for good news.

My problem is solved in this topic.