About the Transformation tool

Sometimes I need to move the position of shapes simultaneously, but such a simple function requires me to go to “Path - Transformation Tool” to find it. Why not consolidate it on the main panel of “Transformation”? Just add a few input sections.

Additionally, I’ve used FontCreator on Windows before. Although the software isn’t very user-friendly, they have an impressive tool akin to Photoshop’s actions, where you can sequentially record some steps, such as enlarging the font, then rotating it, then aligning it in a certain way, and then batch process it with a single click. Will Glyphs add a similar tool?

I’ll think about it.

That is an interesting idea. But what would you use this for? It would help to know some real world examples to better understand it.

For example, I want to modify some outdated objects. They are in the wrong positions, and the dimensions are also incorrect. I want to modify all these fonts in the same way. If such a feature exists, I can repeatedly check my workflow first, and then, Boom! Execute all at once.

Look into the Glyphs Python scripting API.


What would that be? What are outdated objects? If there are things to update in a lot places, you might like to use components?