Accents don't type out

Trying to create a typeface that can type French. (é, ê, ü, œ, ç)
I created all the accents with the letters (ex. aacute), separate accents (ex. acute), and the accents combining (ex. acutecomb). but none of these will type out in illustrator/photoshop. Thoughts/ideas?

If you have fonts that you generated earlier (without accents), then it is likely that you are not actually using the newest one. In that case, give the font or instance a completely different name and try again.

Are you using the Adobe Fonts folder?

Thank you much, that did the trick!!!

This is called font cache problem. Simply put, if a font is replaced with one with the same name, OS X doesn’t notice the change and only uses the one it first recognised, which persists for a while. To avoid this, you should always install fonts with different name every time, or if you actually don’t care about non-Adobe apps (at least while you are designing), then you have an alternate, cache-free font folder as @mekkablue suggests.

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