Accents on capital letters don't appear on windows/word

So I am writing here because I am very puzzled, and I have no more ideas of what might be happening.
About 2 years ago I designed a cursive typography for an educational program. It has about 3 versions of each letters to make sure that they are always linked whatever comes before or after.
you can test it here: Arcobaleno

On this webpage, the accentuated capital letters have their accents : É È Â Ö …
When I test them on my computer I always have the accents on the capital letters, on Illustrator, Word, Pages… I have no issue! I am on macOS

But my client, who uses Windows, cannot get the accentuated capitals on Word. When he writes È in an other typeface llike times new roman, the letter is accentuated, but when using Arcobaleno it looses the accent.

I don’t understand why, I’d love to hear your ideas / solutions!

I have a suspicion that your vertical metrics are set incorrectly. See the Vertical Metrics tutorial.

ouuh that seems like an interesting idea, I’ll check my win span :crossed_fingers:
I am not sure I have access to this in Glyphs Mini though? @mekkablue

For Glyphs Mini, have a look at this tutorial:

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