Access and edit automagically-generated OT features in the Glyphs features panel

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I’m currently blocked on a major project because we’re building with fontmake (Glyphs -> UFO / designspace -> VF) and m2mk doesn’t technically exist in the .glyphs file. The features file exists, of course, but it’s no help to fontmake in the Application Support/Glyphs/temp folder.

Any chance we can get those automatically-generated features in the .glyphs file itself? Thanks.


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I answered on the fontmake repo, repeating it here:

I got the request to include GPOS in exported .ufos several time now and it is moving up on the list.

I need some info on how and why people need it.

  • As @anthrotype explained, fontmake is able to generate it.
  • Why generate .ufos and then feed them to fontmake instead of feeding the .glyphs to glyphLib/fontMake?
  • Why not generate the fonts from Glyphs directly? Anything missing or wrong with it?