Accessing OpenType features in evaluation version of Glyphs Mini

I’m currently evaluating Glyphs Mini and would like to experiment with the OpenType features. The manual explains the process:

File>Font Info>Features

Maybe I’m missing something obvious (it has been known! :blush:), but when I click ‘File’ and then ‘Font Info’, I am not seeing any ‘Features’ options. I’ve included a screenshot of my Font Info screen.

Am I looking in the wrong place, or doesn’t the demo version support OpenType?

Thanks in advance,

Which manual? The one for Mini? If yes, on which page? This option is only available in the main app. If the Mini handbook mentions this menu entry, that is a mistake in the handbook.

Mini only supports some automated OT features, triggered by certain glyph names, for example the presence of a glyph called x_y will create a ligature feature.

I’m sorry for the trouble - I wasn’t paying careful enough attention and downloaded the wrong manual. :grimacing:

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