Activating trial for Glyphs 2.6.1


I first downloaded the app in December 2015.

Now I really need the application, I’m interested in buying a license, but I need to test the Glyphs version 2.

Today I downloaded the free trail and this message comes up: This copy of Glyphs is not registered. The test version will work for 30 days until 29 January 2016. (screen attached)

I mention that I have the same Mac, but I uninstalled the application correctly.

Is there a chance I can test the latest version?


Well, you started your trial end of December 2015, and the 30 days were over in January 2016. Uninstalling does not renew the trial period.

However, I will send you an extended trial license to the e-mail with which you registered in the forum.

Thank you @mekkablue

Works like a charm.