Active window error when switching between apps

I’ve been noticing a bug (?) when I have multiple font files open in Glyphs 2. When I have two or more font files open at the same time (especially, but not exclusively, if the files are sequentially named), the wrong window becomes active when I switch from and come back to Glyphs (i.e., Glyphs - Safari - Glyphs). If I’m working on Font_3.glyphs but I also have Font_1.glyphs and Font_2.glyphs open in the background, when I come back to Glyphs, Font_1.glyphs becomes the active window, and I have to manually switch to the file I was initially working on. When the files aren’t sequentially named, (i.e., Font.glyphs, AnotherFont.glyphs, AnotherOtherFont.glyphs, last one being the active file) after coming back to Glyphs, the wrong file window is active, but with the correct file name displayed as the title of the window (i.e., Font.glyphs is displayed but the name of the file appears as AnotherOtherFont.glyphs). In this case I have to choose the (same) file name from the Window menu, and it switches to the correct file.

Sorry if it’s confusing, I tried to explain it as clearly as possible.

This also happens to me. I’ll try to explain:

• I have several Glyphs files open
• I hide Glyphs (Cmd+H)
• I go back to Glyphs

Then a different file (window) is active. This is very confusing, especially if I have an older version of my design open for comparison. This can even lead to me editing the older file (instead of continuing to work on the latest version) without noticing. As you can imagine, patching things together after I notice is quite a hassle.

How do you reactivate the app? I tried it a few times and the current document didn’t change? And what macOS do you have?

I guess I’d usualy reactivate the app with Cmd+tab. My system is El Capitan 10.11.6.

Just tried to reproduce this behaviour but I can’t. Maybe this only happens after Glyphs has been running for a while? I also work with consecutively named files a lot, maybe this is not a coincidence?

If someone finds a way to reproduce this, I’ll try to fix it.

I just had it in that state when Glyphs switches the active window. In that moment, it consistently showed that behaviour and I could play around a bit.

What I found out is that the window-switching only occured when the active file had just been saved. So, saving, switching app, switching back, active window has switched. Without saving again, the switch did not occur. Again, it was files that only varied in the appended number (but not consecutive) but this might still be a coincidence.

After I opened the same two files again, the bug was not reproducible.