Adapt Spacing/Kerning for two different cuts

Hi all!

My problem: I have two cuts (light and bold) for the navigation of a website. The standard cut is light, and on hover it should be bold. When hovering, the words should not get wider, because this makes the following words moving around…

Question: is it possible to sort of import all the kerning and glyph widths from bold to light, so it would display the light font with more spacing (i.e. using the same space as the bold cut)?

Now I’m using Glyphs mini, so it would be important to know if the solution is possible without getting full Glyphsapp.

Cheers, dabu

There is no automatic way in Mini. You can do it manually ;(

Oh that’s going to be fun :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

So if I get the full Glyphs App, it would be possible? (maybe I’ll do that anyway)

Depends on how exactly you want to do it, but you can script anything. There is an available script called Steal Sidebearings, but you may also want to center the glyphs (there’s a script for that), or move them into the same relative position as the Bold (this you would have to write yourself).

You can also get pretty far with Paste Special (Cmd-V).

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I can’t help but think this is probably the wrong solution to your problem. It will be more efficient to keep the fonts as they are, and address the width/shifting around in the code of your website… this can be done trivially with some medium level of CSS knowledge. Something like this should work for website navigation uses, or similarly, this one.

I personally think that creating/editing an entire font for this is too much effort to achieve the desired effect (not to mention the extra file size for your website).

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Thank you mekkablue! Copy paste does it for the moment!

Thanks for your advices. Actually this doesn’t fit with my design, because I want the same margins between all the words. But it would be a good work around if creating an (reduced) extra font didn’t work.