Add 2-color SVG graphic to a font


Does anyone know if it’s possible to add a single SVG graphic to an existing font that I’ve already created in Glyphs (the graphic is two colors if that matters)? For example, I want the font to display the graphic instead of the default capital C when the user types with the font. Any help and guidance is much appreciated.


Read this Tutorial please:

Thanks for the help! I had read that but wasn’t sure if it was exactly what I needed.

Anyway, I was able to import the graphic following those steps, and it works fine when testing it in Glyphs, but when I type with it in Illustrator, the graphic gets distorted and misaligned (see screenshot). Do you know what’s going wrong?

I made the .svg file the same as the height of the UPM (1000) and the same as the width of the character it’s replacing.

Here is a shot of it working just fine in Glyphs. It’s only after exporting and using the .otf in other software that it becomes distorted. Am I missing an export setting maybe?

Positioning and scaling existing SVG graphics is not that easy. They should be 1000 by 1000 units and have no transformations on the root level.

In your case it might be easier to build an color layer font and export that as SVG.

Thanks so much for your help!

Extending the artboard width of the .svg image to 1000 pt solved the horizontal distortion issue, and after testing it in Illustrator, I did some proportional scaling to figure out where to place the image in relation to the .svg artboard, and now it works just as intended in Illustrator.


Have a look at option B in this tutorial: