Add a narrow width (before the Normal and Extended)

I’d like to add a Narrow version to my Accelerator font family. I’ve currently got this setup:

Light Extended
Black Extended

Light Extended
Regular Extended
Bold Extended
Black Extended

What’s the best way to add a Narrow width to this family without losing Master Compatibility, etc?

Ultimately I also want to export this as a variable font too.

Thanks in advance for your help!

As you have normal width and extended already, you can add condensed instances just like tha. It might look strange in some cases but that happens with extrapolation. Then you select “Instance as Master” from the plus button in the instance settings for the Light Condensed and Black Condensed. This will give you a more or less good starting point.

Thx Georg,

Should I first create an instance, fix the contours and thén create a master from it?
Or should I immediately create a master from the instance and then fix the contours?

This is the first time I create a font family like that, so I want to do it right. Doing it wrong takes a long long time to fix it. :wink:

The one button solution is probably easier.

So you mean; set up an Instance and directly make a Master from it?