Add an "All Languages" option for Localized Name custom parameters

I think it’s pretty nifty that we can add localized names for things like Designer, Manufacturer, Family and even Style Names!

But I was thinking it would be super nice if on the drop down menu where you choose the language you could select something like “all languages”.

That way we’d still keep the Default with its ASCII limitations but then Glyphs adds a localized record in all available languages while letting us set a single custom parameter.

Dunno if it’s feasible but I sure would like to keep the diacritic in proper names for any and all localizations possible without adding dozens of fields by hand which have to be kept in sync.

Another (much less useful) thing that just ocurred to me is the possibility to reference the Family Name with some syntax like %FamilyName for use in fields like the copyright notice, license, and other things that may also be out of sync as the font changes names

I don’t think it is possible and needed.

The user-facing names all accept all Unicode. Some of them (e.g. family name) are used to generate the postscript name that is ascii only. So you need to set those manually with a ascii string and use all unicodes in the family names.