Add Extra Anchorpoints


is there a way to add extra anchor points to a curve or shape? (like the add anchor points in Adobe Illustrator)
Iā€™m not talking about adding them manually :slight_smile:

Only for circles? Rotate 45 degrees and add extremes, then rotate back if you like.

Or in the middle of all segments of all sorts of shapes? That is a task for a script:

for thisPath in Layer.paths:
	# step backwards through nodes so we do not mess up point indexes:
	for thisNode in thisPath.nodes[::-1]:
		if thisNode.type != OFFCURVE:
			# on-curve index + 0.5 is the center of the segment:
			pathTime = thisNode.index+0.5

(Sidenote: Please use the term on-curve because anchor means something else in fontmaking land.)


Yes! Thast is what I was looking for.
Also thanks for the short lesson on correct terminology :slight_smile:

What do you need that for?

I want to create a typeface with no curves. The idea is pretty similar to gt cinetype.

You could also use the Roughen filter for that with 0 offset.