Add guideline through two nodes menu shortcut

As per I see that now this script is no longer needed, but I can’t create a keyboard shortcut?

I removed the script because it reduplicates what Glyphs does by default now. I sometimes keep scripts like that for the ability to add shortcuts as you mention. But I am reluctant in this case, because I think guidelines are so overused.

However, you can add a guideline quickly if you press G while dragging a measurement line (Ctrl-Opt-Cmd-drag). It is a little acrobatic, I know, but easy to get used to.

Hey it’s not up to you to decide what people should do with guidelines though :no_good:

‘G’ shortcut is very cool except for that the ruler still doesn’t snap to points so the ruler is inaccurate! :sweat_smile: I’ll just keep using the old script :grinning: