Add Instance for Each Master Crashes Glyphs 3

Hi there, I opened an older font into Glyphs 3. It only has 3 masters with 3 instances for each of those masters, but Glyphs 3 is trying to interpolate them. When I try to create an instance for each of the masters, the program crashes. This doesn’t happen in Glyphs 2. I can send report if that helps.

Please always send the crash report with the dialog that comes up when you restart the app.

But I don’t understand your problem. You say you have an instance for each master and still like to add one for each?

Glyphs 3 changes the default that it always checks for compatibility between masters, if you actually interpolate or not. You can add a custom parameter “Enforce Compatibility Check” and disable it (in Font Info > Font > Custom Parameters).

Sorry to confuse. I have 3 masters that don’t interpolate. I was just trying to make an instance for each master instead of inputting them manually. When I click that button, the app crashes,

I tried this and there is still little red triangles at the top of all the letters and its still trying to find compatibility. Any other suggestions?

Can you send me the file?