Add placeholder by script

I have a bunch of glyphs that I want to cycle through so that I can see the color among other glyphs.

Normally I’d just use the “Generate all combos” but that can be taxing on the resources, so instead I add a placeholder between every glyph and then cycle through the glyphs I want… very nice idea the placeholder feature!

Is there anyway to do it via script so that I can:

  1. Select a text in a text tab.
  2. Add placeholder glyph between every glyph.

Then I can cycle through another list of glyphs and see how each of those glyphs looks among the text.


  1. select ABCDEFGH,
  2. Add placeholder between each glyph
  3. Then it becomes, * A * B * C * D * E * F * G * H *

Where * is a placeholder, and then I can cycle through glyphs and see how it looks among the “ABCDEFGH”.

that depends how you generate your text.

If you do it by setting the layers property if a tab, you get a placeholder from GSControlLayer.placeholder. If you build a text, either use “/Placeholder” as a glyph name.

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