Add /threeTurned /twoTurned to integer numbers?

I want to give Pitman’s dozenal numbers ten ‘twoTurned’ and eleven ‘threeTurned’ number status instead of symbol status in Glyphs 3. I recall doing this in Glyphs 2 by manipulating the GlyphsData file. What is the easiest way to achieve this today?

Select the glyph and press Command+Option+i and set the property directly.

Thanks! Frohes neues Jahr!

One more thing. How do I go about sorting? For instance, my number 10 (twoTurned) is named ‘dek’, and I would like to be sorted after number nine. I suspect ‘sort name’ could be the key here, but I have not been successful yet.

In that same dialog, you can add a sort-name. For numbers, use something line “n001”, “n002” …

Almost there. I’m not sure if it is a bug or if I’m doing it wrong, but the sort name I use ‘NuA’ for dek and ‘NuB’ for el is ignored. Luckily for me, ‘dek’ sorts alphabetically before ‘el’.

Do these two glyphs have the same category and subcategory?

Yes, the category and subcategory are the same as far as I can tell. Also, I have tried different sorting strategies.

But if ‘dek’ is sorted before ‘el’, what do you need the sortNames for?

Well, for one, I’m not sure if I’m gonna stick with the dozenal name scheme (dek and el). Second, it would be nice to trust the ‘Sort Name’ feature for other number systems and future projects.

But the default and sortNames will produce the same result. So I don’t see why you think they are not working?

Yes, in this case, perhaps. Let’s pretend I would like to use the names twoTurned and threeTurned instead. By default, threeTurned sorts before twoTurned, but since I want twoTurned to sort before threeTurned, it would be nice to rely on the ‘Sort Name’ feature.

I still don’t see what should be wrong:
Screen Shot 2022-01-03 at 16.19.58
sort names:
twoTurned = “n02”
threeTurned = “n03”

It works if you create a new document. Strange. And I don’t use any custom glyphOrder filters.

Can you send me the file where it is not working?

Will do that, what’s e-mail again? Thanks!

support at this website domain without forum. or www.

Thanks! File sent.

I found the problem. You have set the “Keep Alternate next to base glyph” in Font Info > Other. I’ll have a look if I can make it work better.

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And I just found a bug that it would not save the Sort Names when you save to glyphs 2 format. The Glyphs 2 format can’t handle it but it should show an error. I fixed that.

So you need to switch the file to Glyphs 3 format in Font Info > Other.

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