Add to Context Menu in Font View

Is there an easy way to add items to the contextual menu when in Font View? I know I could run a Filter on selected Glyphs in the Font View or do something with them using a Palette. That’s easy and I’m doing that for some things, but I want to just add some more custom entries in the default Font View contextual menu under Copy Glyph Names. Sometimes I find myself selecting a bunch of glyphs and then doing Copy Glyph Names > Python List and then paste that into the Macro Window and run something. It would be better to have the same kind of context menu control that is there in a Reporter Plugin so I can do things like filter the selection on right-click.

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Why not just a script that makes a selection or opens a tab with glyphs?

Yes, that’s also fine, but that’s not what I asked. Doing it that way you could also have Copy Glyph Names only in the main menu and not in the contextual menu, but it’s nice to have in the contextual menu, right? Same thing here. I could easily have a script and assign a shortcut if I want, but I’d prefer to have something in the context menu just like in plugins. I already use that in Reporter plugins so it would be nice to do the same thing in the Font View with something like a GeneralPlugin.

I’ll have a look.