Adding a point to a path then attempting to make it a curve

Hi all, I’m new to Glyphs but have been using Illustrator to make some fonts for personal use. I’ve come across something that is odd to me so I thought I’d ask the good people here.

I’m attempting to insert a new point to a path using the Pen tool and this seems to work as expected. however, I want this new point to have Bezier handles. I’ve read that you should hold down the option key and click your new point again and bam handles. but what happens instead is that I get a little arrow and the path is actually cut at the path.

am I doing something obviously wrong? Can anybody help out?

Option-click on the path with no handles, not the point.

So, I’ve tried Option Clicking the path and it just adds a Point with no handles. And I just get a normal non-bezier handled point. as seen in this Gif. If I option-click a point it does the split thing.

Try Option+Click with Arrow tool (not with Path tool, if this is the case).

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@mekkablue oh I wish I would have found this video earlier. thank you so much. When I make handles on a line is there anyway to make those actual handles larger? Since mine are very very small. I’m going to see if there is a setting but it doesnt hurt to ask here. Thanks again.

If you add handles, they get added at thirds of the path segment. You can change the handles by dragging them with the Select tool.

I meant the size of the handle UI and there is a setting. tho my old eyes would love and XL size.

Preferences > Appearance > Handle Size

yup checked it and found it. Tho would also prefer an even larger size :slight_smile:

What screen size and resolution do you have?

@GeorgSeifert I’m running a 27" Dell Monitor at 3840x2160

And you are running it in native mode, not retina (double resolution)? That way, everything in MacOS will be way to small. And with double resolution, everything will be to big. So for 27", you need either 2560 or 5120 pixels. And 4K pixels fit on 21"-23" (in Retina mode) or +30" in native mode. Unfortunately not many screens fit that metric.