Adding a value to all sidebearings


I made kerning groups and set the values. It’s looking good but I want to increase the values. For example +50 to all.
Is there any easy way to add 50 to all kerning values.
+50 to all left and right side bearings? (This will also work in my case)

Glyphs 2.6.3


You can add values to sidebearings in Filter > Transformations > Metrics

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That’s not exactly what i’m asking for i guess? Filter makes all values the same.


10< A >10
40< B >35

these are my side bearing values. I want to add 50 to all values.

10+50< A >10+50
40+50< B >35+50


60< A >60
90< B >85

That’s exactly what the filter does, put in 50 in LSB and RSB field and check relative checkbox, it will add 50 units to respective SB values.

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‘check relative checkbox’

Now it works. I didn’t check that at first time.
Thank you… :slight_smile:

You are asking about changing kerning but it seems you actually meen spacing. Please be careful with the term.

I took the liberty to adjust the title of the thread, for future reference.

:slight_smile: no I didn’t mean spacing. I meant kerning but i think my english is not enough to explain. :slight_smile:

any way, the problem is solved…

If you want to have extra space by kerning, you might get away with adding a feature class called All (or AllLetters if you want it only between actual letters) via File > Font Info > Features > + and then add a feature called kern with the following code:

pos @AllLetters <30 0 60 0>;

This adds 30 units extra on either side of each and every letter.

Great… that worked… thanks