Adding an option in transformation functions to operate on selected contours individually (GUI)

if we want to(for example) rotate or scale more than usual contours individually, it’s hard to select and go one by one, especially when the number of them getting bigger. i don’t know it’s predicted or implemented before(if there is, please show me how), if not i suggest an optional checkbox.

What type of mechanism do you have in mind instead of selecting one by one? I think this can heavily depend on the project. Can you post a screenshot of the types of selections you want to make?

i had several projects in fontforge, i’m new here and see the same limitation. in some projects there is some repetitious copied contours(like in icon fonts, or modular fonts) and in some other i need to randomize them manually(like textures details)… unfortunately i haven’t an example to present for now.

(for first type of projects, regular copies could be components of a main contour, but sometimes it cause some limitations…)