Adding custom masters - Best practice

Hello there!
First things first: thank you for this amazing software and the great support you give on this forum.
I’m working on type family based on the concept of transformation, therefore my main issue now is the great amount of masters I necessarily have to create in order to control the design.

I’ll give an example:
At the moment the typeface is created on 2 axes (weight and width), so I’ve created 4 masters:
1- Regular Compressed
2- Regular
3- Bold Compressed
4- Bold

The problem comes when i want, for example, to add a new axes of transformation, let’s say a “slanted” one.

Do I have to create a new “slanted” master for every single master I’ve created before? Or can I just create 1 “slanted” master and somehow connect it to every other single master when I create the istances?

I’m a bit confused about this point, I hope my request is clear enough.

Many thanks for your precious help


You can try. Depending on the design, I would think a Regular and Bold Italic should work. If that doesn’t work, you need to add the other two.

Hey, thank you for the reply. Yes I’ve just tried and the result using one master for every weight is not really accurate. I guess I’ll have to design every single master then, which makes sense to be honest. I wonder how many masters they’ve been designed for typefaces like Gt Flexa. You really appreciate the amount of work they’ve put on it.
Thank you again for your help.