Adding Features in Glyphs 3

How do I add a non-automatic feature to the Features list?
The + icon pulls up a list. I can select the feature I want but it won’t add it. I presume this is because I don’t have specific Glyph naming for this feature.

So , how do I add a ‘XXXX’ feature as I can in G2 and then add my own code?

I am experiencing this, too. Adding some features works, for other feature codes it does not work. The movie below shows this behavior in the latest Glyphs (3.0.2 (3042)) with a new file.

As a workaround you can

  • quit Glpyhs,
  • open the .glyphs file in a text-editor and
  • add the feature by inserting the appropriate code.

When you relaunch Glyphs it will respect the features which were added manually.

The code to add looks like this:

features = (
code = "sub a by b;
sub g by h;
sub x by z;
tag = ccmp;

Add as many { code = "..."; tag = ... } blocks into the features list as you need. The blocks need to separated by a comma.

A better workaround:

  • add a feature that can be added, like calt (even if you already have a calt feature)
  • select the new calt in the sidebar such that is has a colorful/blue background
  • press Return ⏎ and edit the name to any code you want

Glyphs will throw an error-dialog, which you can ignore, it still works.

I’ll try that.
I added the code in G2, saved it, then opend in G3 and edited. Bit slower :slight_smile:

I can no longer copy and paste Features, Classes, Language code across files in Glyphs 3.
It was quite handy in G2 to be able to Select All the contents of the Feature list and then batch Paste into a file.

Apart from doing this in G2 and then reopening in G3 is there a Save As or Import from that I’ve missed. Mind you that would be the whole list and sometimes it’s handy to just select the elemens I want and paste them in. I can it it one at a time, but that’s a bit of a drag.

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I can reproduce the issue. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.


And I fixed the adding of features. It should just work now by pressing the plus button.