Adding guides while measuring

I’m liking the feature of hitting ‘g’ while measuring to add guidelines, in the latest beta. A couple of thoughts:

  • I find that more often than not, I want a guide perpendicular to the measure I’ve just dragged, rather than on the line. This would be easily accomplished if the handle of the line appeared at the end of the dragged line rather than at the beginning (that is under where the cursor is when pressing ‘g’, rather than at the point it started the move). That way I can just double click the handle after dragging to get my perpendicular guide. (Another attractive option would be allowing option-g to create a perpendicular guide automatically.)
  • It would be nice if ‘shift-g’ worked as well as ‘g’ to make the guide, since the user might be holding shift to constrain the measuring line.

Will think about this and fix the shift problem.