Adding lowercase characters back into alphabet (after deleting them)

I’m working on my first project and everything so far is good, other than the one problem I’ve ran into.

I’m creating an all caps font and deleted the lowercase letters thinking they would either:
A) be applied to the lower case keys automatically
B) would be easy to add back in like other glyphs.

I’ve got everything in there, kerning is looking good, just cant figure out how to get the lowercase characters back into the font. Just trying to see if there is a way to not re-do all the work I just did.

Thanks in advance!

Update: I’ve figured out how to add them back one at a time, so I guess the question is now about adding them back all at once.

You can right click any category in the sidebar that has a badge like (0/26). Then select al from the list and hit generate.

Thanks Georg, I wasn’t getting that option, but found another post in the forum about pasting ( A=a B=b C=c…) which was a much easier option. Thanks for both!