Adobe 2022 CC - Fonts folder tip

Hi, I’ve just installed Adobe 2022 and the tip to export fonts from Glyphs to the ‘Fonts’ folder alias doesn’t works any more, that do crash Adobe app.
Any suggestions?
Thank you!

I just tried and putting fonts into /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Fonts/ does still work (M1, macOS 12, Indesign 2022).

Not sure what you mean by symlink, I usually export directly to that folder.

On my Mac (MBP, OS 11.1, InDesign 2022) if I create the Fonts folder into /Library/Application Support/Adobe/, it make crash the InDesign App 🤷

Even if the folder is empty?

That works if the folder is empty. But once a font is in, InDesign bugs.

Can you send me that font? And what happens if you change the font name?

With all fonts. It’s not your side, it’s most an Adobe bug.

And you just copy the .otf into that folder? Strange. Seems like a bug.

Yes, big bug