Adobe Apps double kerning values set in Glyphs

Here’s an idea for doing it manually:
For example, from a Glyphs metrics file for a /K:

From an AFM file for an /o:
KPX o t -47
KPX o v -90
KPX o w -59
KPX o x -90
KPX o y -102

In TextMate (or other text editor) it is simple to remove all the KPX’s, then search and replace the spaces with a semicolon.
Copy the results back into the original Glyphs metrics file, replacing the old kerning entries.
Import the new file back into the Glyphs file. Don’t forget to do a back-up first!

Here is what I have so far:
Dez Alt Occult 2020 Retry Kern (4.8 KB)

Where did that come from? FLS?

Remove all @MMKR and @MMKL entries and that should get you 99% of the way there. You might have to make a few other changes.

Thanks, George!
Should I only remove those two exact terms or the whole line they are on?

Just those terms. That should leave you with basically Glyphs’ format kerning metrics.

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THANKS a Bunch!
and a Halloween Gift!

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Were you setting a certain poem by Lewis Carroll, by any chance?

Just maybe :wink:

Ha! Very nice. One of my all-time favourite poems. Apart from The Walrus and the Carpenter, also from Alice. I always use this poem to test my typefaces :grin:

Sorry for off-topic, but I couldn’t help notice

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Not a problem :wink: