Adobe Fonts Folder for InDesign CC 2019?

Seems like the Adobe Fonts Folder technique for testing fonts does not work in InDesign CC 2019 any more.

Is the folder it in a different location now? Does anyone know of another workaround? Thanks!

Oh, I just noticed that only symbolic links are not followed any more. Does anyone know a fix for that? I have practically never copied fonts into the Adobe Fonts Folder but always create a link instead.

How do you create the symbolic links? A potential workaround could be an automation that would put a file copy there rather than a link. A folder action could work, but may be slow sometimes.

Excellent, thanks!

Just managed to set up the Folder Action within five minutes without any previous experience. Works perfectly. Have you experienced that it can be slow? You mean, it would not always start copying the files instantly?

I had created the symbolic links by Cmd-Alt-dragging the folder into the Adobe Fonts Folder. Would it make a difference if the symlink was created, say, in Terminal?

Usually it works almost instantly, but I had cases where it took a while, like 10-15 seconds. I did not have the impression it correlated to the CPU workload. But this has been a few system versions back, so it may not be an issue anymore.

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Cmd-Alt is not a symbolic link, it is a Finder Alias. That behaves a bit different. A symbolic link can be done by ln -S 'path to file/folder in terminal.

Thanks for the clarification, Georg. Learned something new (Finder does its best to disguise that difference, calling them both “Alias”).

Unfortunately, real symbolic links do not work either as of CC 2o19.

Minor correction: that should be a lowercase -s in the ln -s path-to-file-folder example.

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