Adobe Illustrator CC 2018 quit unexpectedly. when I open my variable font

Hi all,
Adobe Illustrator CC 2018 quit unexpectedly when I open my variable font I’ve just done in Glyphs (last upgrade version)
The file it’s well saved at the /Library/Application Support/Adobe/
and I’ve followed all the instructions of

I’ve heard that is happening to other people.
What do you think would be the problem?

Thanks very much!

I think Illustrator’s code for variable fonts has bugs in it. Or at least it is not handling errors in the fonts gracefully. For me it crashes consistently every time it tries to load Nunito VF, and that is supposedly a stable font.

In my thread concerning my own problems with Illustrator, I’m planning to post the various ways I’ve debugged my own variable font and improved the situation.

Thanks very much for your quick response, I’ll be delighted to read your post when you have it. Meanwhile I keep on viewing the interpolation in FontView and AxisPraxis.

Do you mean, the latest cutting edge version? If not: Go to Glyphs > Preferences > Updates, activate both checkboxes and press the Update button.