Adobe's Kerning Analytics please!


The plugin should work in the latest version.


I just installed the latest version and I still get an empty window when I try to run the plugin


Do you get anything in the macro window? And what Glyphs version do you have?


Hi, I have the latest build 2.5.2 (1148). Here is the message:

File “”, line 41, in runFilterWithLayer_error_
File “/Users/RamiroLaptop/Library/Application Support/Glyphs/Plugins/Kern-A-Lytics.glyphsFilter/Contents/Resources/”, line 265, in init
nsfont = AppKit.NSFont.monospacedDigitSystemFontOfSize_weight_(14, 0.0)
AttributeError: No attribute monospacedDigitSystemFontOfSize_weight_

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “GlyphsApp/GlyphsApp/”, line 607, in process_
AttributeError: ‘KernGraph’ object has no attribute ‘filter’


What macOS version?




I was only testing it from the edit view. Running it from the Font view was indeed broken.

And the incompatibility with macOS 10.10 is fixed now.


Now it’s working. Thanks!


Thanks for making it work, it’s a great tool. However, the buttons are not working for me. For instance, when I use the interpolaten button, it does show an interpolated kerning value, but it doesn’t create the actual kerning pair.


Can we move the bug reporting into the git repository?


Also: I’ve noticed that the composites’ countours are not displayed in the window (they look blank)


With the latest update the plugin can edit the kerning values (great!) but still it can’t display composites. The only work around is to make a copy of the font and decompose all composites :frowning:
Can’t it be fixed?


You have to activate the “Issues” section in the repository, it’s not there :wink:


Yes, I couldn’t find where to write my feedback at git


I added the “Issues” to the repo.


I fixed the components and the buttons.


Cool! I just submitted another bug at git.


You might check out That might solve your problem better.


Why don’t you just try to make Kerning Analytics works as the original Robofab version instead of insisting with I switching to a different tool?