Advice for Discretionary Ligatures?

Hello everyone, I would like to ask you an advise for solve a problem I’m having with dlig.
I would like to have a Discretionary ligature of three glyphs (e, slash, o,), which only appears if there is a space after these glyphs (so if they are at the ending of a word). How can I do it??

(I’m working with “dlig” and not with “calt” because I do not want this feature to be automatically active in softwares like indesign or illustrator)

I was trying something like:

It’s working a little bit but it create some problem (mainly on the web, where is not working at all. On adobe softwares the ligature appears but with some bug).
I know that it’s not the best to include the space in ligatures, since it’s often handled independently of the font.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks a lot!

You can use the following rule:

ignore sub e' slash' o' @AllLetters;
sub e' slash' o' by e_slash_o;

Here, no space glyph is needed (which – as you said – can be problematic). Instead, the substitution rule is preceded by an ignore rule. The ignore rule says that the pattern e' slash' o' should not be matched if followed by a letter (@AllLetters).

Glyphs can generate the @AllLetters class automatically for you. Click the plus + button next to the Classes heading in the Features tab and select AllLetters from the menu:

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Great, thank you! it works really good!
Thanks a lot