Advice on using the 'ss01' OTF feature

Hey, All. Looking for some insight and advice on my usage of “ss01” for my alternate characters.Here is my glyph window as it exists currently:

Glyphs window

First off, please let me know if I am using the “ss01” feature correctly for naming these alternate characters. I have generated this feature in the ‘Font Info’ window and output the font successfully.

To double check my work, I have a colleague who is then importing the .otf file into his copy of FontLab. Here is the screen that he sees:

As you can see, there is no unicode for my alt characters (third row from the bottom) when imported. Is this alright? Or am I missing something here?

Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated.


This is correct. Glyphs that are accessed through OpenType features should not have an unicode.

Any the ssXX features are intended for this kind of style changes. So you are doing it right.

Thanks so much for your help!