Alef Maksura showing isolated form

On top the font I am working on and on the bottom Adobe Arabic.

We can see that the alef maksura is showing as isolated, not connected I don’t know how to fix it, the alef maksura and dotless beh are in the correct glyph.

Updated the features?
No typo in glyph names of positional variants?
How and where are you testing? Are you using the Adobe Fonts folder?

I updated the features.

What do you mean with: No typo in glyph names of positional variants?

Yes I am exporting directly in the indesing folder.

Test it in another application like TexEdit. Alef Maksura used to be designated as a right-only joiner years ago. Just to make sure the problem is with the font and not a legacy behaviour of Indesign.

Do you have all these glyphs, and can you verify their glyph names are not mistyped:


MMM true both medial and initial where missing!

I think they are not in the basic, components and persian since It didn’t show like missing glyphs.
So you have to added always manually?

Thank you now it’s solved,