Align Buttons

Hello Guys,

I wonder for a long time, why the align-buttons in the glyphs-panel don’t work? Because i need separate scripts to do align. Is there a reason or do i use them the wrong way? or a bug?


The align buttons align selected paths to each other.


mirror-tool works fine.
rotation-tool works fine, with all reference models.

but the align tool (know from illustrator), doesn’t work in any ways.

stop ok, doesn’t work with notes an path but i try to use them for whole forms or “glyphs”. that works.

could it be nice to also use this for handles, anker, notes etc.?


Again, the align buttons on the palette are for paths. For aligning individual nodes, you use the align function in the layer menu.

Please take some time and look at the short videos on the getting started page. Perhaps also download the handbook from the same page.