Align nodes / handles along a diagonal

Apologies if this is something basic that I’ve missed but I’m encountering this problem more frequently working on a complex variable font where I need to hide serifs at an angle. I’ve searched for a plugin or script that can handle this but can’t seem to find a way to align all nodes and handles along a straight path at an angle (like CMD-shift-A, but preserve the angle between the furthest two nodes). Is this possible? Attached an example image where everything is more or less aligned anyway but hopefully illustrates what I mean. I’d like a perfectly straight line between the red arrows. Thanks!

Mekkablue made a plugin that does exactly that two days ago. Search for “Line Up Selection” in the Plugin Manager

Two days ago! Wow, thanks @mekkablue! :smiley:

It works perfectly, this is a massive help :pray:

You have no idea how much this made my day — now assigned a shortcut to CMD-OPT-SHIFT-A.

Side note: when I tried to assign the shortcut through Glyphs prefs it didn’t work, but it works through Mac OS system prefs. No big deal but might be worth noting.

Which OS are you running? Big Sur? We have had reports of keyboard shortcut issues.

I’m on the latest Monterey 12.3 (21E230) / mbp m1 max 16”. Latest stable Glyphs 3.0.4 (was having some other issues on 3.0.5 Weird metrics / bounding box VF export issue on 3.0.5 release candidate - #2 by GeorgSeifert)

I have a suspicion that the keyboard issues are related to 12.3. Sorry I have no solution for it at the moment.

No problem! Setting shortcuts from system prefs works fine. Again, thanks for the align plugin, couldn’t have been better timing :sweat_smile:

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