Align on italic vertical axis

I see this question has popped up many times, but each time there has been another way of side-stepping the issue. Possibly even good reasons.

Now I return with the request again: A way to align that observes the italic angle. In my case I have the semi-colon made of two periods. If only I could have them align respecting the italic angle.

We had been discussing how to implement aligning in the italic angle. Possibly with the added Option key.

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This is why using multiple components that aren’t automatically aligned is always a bad idea. Set up anchors.

You can use my script “Build Period Composites” to build your colon glyph (and to set appropriate anchors in the base glyphs). I admit my anchor naming needs some work, I had improved it some time ago but forgot on which machine, so I can’t find the changed file to commit.

My script “Report Missing Automatic Alignment” will also berate you for all the cases where you’re mixing paths + components or have multiple components that aren’t automatically aligned.

Set up anchors.

Sure, I do that all the time, and for the most part it doesn’t break Glyphs. Just yesterday I reported a bug in the handling of anchors. However, the facility to align whatever one has selected to the Italic axis should exist.

Easy to do with these align scripts (select individual components to align each to the horizontal center of the layer). BTW, they can also align to the x-height and baseline, including overshoots.

There’s also a sidebar filter for that