Aligning Quotes

How can I get quotes to align appropriately based on if they come before or after a word? When I download my font it changes the " and ’ to a standard font so that it can do this.

You need to add quotes to your font. Look in the sidebar of the Font tab, under Categories > Punctuation > Quote, right click on Quote and add the glyphs you are missing.

I know, but the " don’t ever show up there even though I’ve added them


You need to make control+click over Quote and select the glyphs that you want add from popup menu.

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Hello, thanks. However, when I add the quotedblleft and right it doesn’t appear even though I typed the quotes (as in the pics)

If you type the quotes from the keyboard, it will insert the strait quotes. But a lot apps will automatically convert them to round quotes. So you see different glyphs depending what app you are using, you see different glyphs.