Alignment of paths/ components

Is there any way to set one element to not move when aligning to objects? Let me try to explain this better. if i draw two rectangles and then try to center align them, the one i drew first is always the one that moves to the center of the other one. I’d like to be able to somehow control which one stays in place (like illustrator does with “key objects”:

What id does is that it calculates the bounding box of all selected paths and centers it inside that area.
Can you post some screenshots?

Original: 9a9f543f856fe3295033a

Desired outcome: 0c29e9a04e1c3f19b76a3

Actual outcome: ad5f1c2269edf1a2d65cf

In this specific case, i could just select everything and center it, but it’s not always like that in the case of assymetrical glyphs.

Hmmm… In a case like this, I’d align them and move both in place afterwards (2 steps). That’s less work than moving one path in place, defining it as key object, aligning (3 steps).

Yea, i guess it´s more one of those things I need to rething from my illustrator workflow than a critical feature.