Alignment questions

I have some questions about alignment:

1 - How do you set up alignment zones?

2 - Is it possible to distribute nodes as you can distribute objects? For instance If I want 3 points to have the same distance to each other

3 - How does the align selection work? Sometimes it aligns vertically other it aligns horizontaly.

Thank you so much!

To 1: You can set them up in the font info window (Cmd+I), in the master tab.

to 2) No

to 3) it aligns to the longest edge. It depends on the proportion of the enclosing rect.

Thanks Guys!

When I export my font icons and place them next to text in my browser using “Vertical Align Middle” the icons do not appear vertically centered to my text. When inside Glyphs should I place my icon illustrations so that they naturally appear vertically centered after export.

You will need to experiment. Vertical Align Middle does not align the bounding box of your glyphs, but usually the baselines. Be aware that different rendering environments may yield different results.
There is a script for that in my GitHub repository. But usually, quickly checking on the distance by holding down Ctrl-Opt-Cmd will do.